HiCaliber Horse Rescue Crimes


HiCaliber Horse Rescue Crimes

Several viewers and a number of law enforcement officers have wanted to see proof of Michelle and Romneys crimes. Some have accused us of making everything up. Please review the following. Thank you.
Please see the post from Michelle Cochran’s page bragging about killing healthy horses by shooting them in the head while other “Villagers” watch. The photo is preceded by the text of an email from Romney to David Meisner (our attempt to remain safe from retaliation by HiCaliber “Village Leaders” and “Villagers”) by an email from “Village Leader” Romney making light of the serious issue of killing healthy horses illegally and stating that if they killed 5600 horses (dogs too) it would still be legal. We actually think this is their grandiose plan because they see dollar signs with every horse they murder illegally. They know that California Animal Cruelty laws allow the shooting of an animal only in EMERGENCY situation where a Vet is not available and ONLY if the animal is suffering from AN EXTREME injury or AN EXTREME illness. We just wanted to make it clear why we are bringing attention to the activities at HiCaliber Horse Rescue. The sooner they are shut down the more horses lives can be spared. Thank you!

michelle-admit-shooting-horses“Sent: Saturday, September 24, 2016 at 6:07 PM
From: “HiCaliber Horse Rescue” <hicaliberhorses@yahoo.com>
To: davidmeisner@mail.com
Subject: Poor, poor, Max
Hi Dave! (Cool fact: we know another horseman named Dave Meisner. What are the chances, huh?! The Dave we know doesn’t even have an email yet, so you’re super lucky you snagged the account first! ) Did you forget Michelle used to work for County Animal Services? If you’re going to troll, do your homework. We’re actually here with Lt. Dan DeSousa of County Animal Services at an ASPCA conference. According to him, it’s legal to shoot your horse ( or dog if you want to! ) so long as you do it humanely. I’m sure Officer Hill told you that though. I’m flattered that you think it’s me who does the attacking. You should know, it’s actually our six firms legal team. If you need any pointers (no pun intended) on Max, just let us know. Lucky number #57! 😉 Love, Romney PS- You should know your numbers are a tad inaccurate… Nonetheless, even if we shot 5,600 horses a year, it’s still legal. Boom.”

We have been following the illegal activities of HiCaliber for a long time. We have had many of the former HiCaliber disillusioned board member and followers contact us wanting to know what they could do without exposing themselves to attacks. Would it surprise their followers to know that horses they have identified to be murdered had people willing to take them and give them a wonderful and long life. They were refused the horse, the horse was then shot and then they were attacked by the immature “Village Leaders” who called them names like twats. Let’s put our thinking caps on. What possible “good for the horses” reason would Michelle and Romney have to refuse to let a follower have a horse that they had sentenced to death? Why attack those people? Why don’t they offer the horses they intend to shoot to their tens of thousands of followers. They do have enough donation money to keep them for quite a while. The only reasons we have been able to deduce are 1. They want to keep the donated money. 2. If they re-home a poor horse that they have sentenced to death it would not look so good for them if it had a great long life. People would ask why were they killing it in first place? 3. If they attack people who try to get the horses they have been sentenced to death, other people will be reluctant to ask. 4. They can’t offer horses with “Death Sentences” to their followers for the same reason. Eventually people will “connect the dots” and question their murderous practices all together. 5. If they let a “Death Sentence Horse” go to one of their “Village” people, they will lose opportunities to get them to adopt one of their high priced horses. Finally, let us not forget that within the “Village Leaders” are two people with 40 combined years of killing healthy animals in their rolls as Animal Control Officers. Read about the damaged psyches of Animal Control Officers that kill healthy animals, especially those that kill thousands of animals. And while San Diego County Shelters have been working tirelessly to make the County a no-kill County HiCaliber Horse Rescue is undermining their efforts right in the middle of there efforts to go no-kill. You decide what makes sense to you. Thanks..

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