HiCaliber Horse Rescue Kills!

It is a sad day when animals need to fear the rescues more than the kill buyers.Unfortunately, a trend in horse rescue has emerged which threatens the lives of thousands of horses. Horses that have already been damaged by misuse and neglect are now being used as pawns to con unsuspecting donors out of funds that are so valuable to the rescue industry.

shooting-horseThe con works like this. Become very skillful using social media. Create fake animal crisis to get compassionate empathetic people to give you money to save them. Demand as much as $2000 per horse in donations or you can’t responsibly purchase. Buy horses often by the pound, sort them and then shoot those that you don’t think you can get a good return on. Keep the excess money that was donated to buy and care for the dead horse so you don’t have to work. Unfortunately, this is the new breed of rescue that has been spawned by social media, agenda 21 and tax cuts that have caused Animal Services around the Country to be under funded and under staffed.

We will show you documents proof that some of the most active rescues in American use the above business model to get rich. You can find more information on our LoCaliber Horse Rescues Facebook Group.

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